Kitten Gives Puppy An ‘Angry’ Bath

Tonsils the cat gives Rush the pup a bath that isn’t very gentle.

Do cats like to clean dogs?

While it is certainly true that cats enjoy grooming themselves, it is less clear whether they enjoy cleaning other animals. Some cats seem to take great pleasure in licking their canine companions, while others show less interest. In general, however, it seems that most cats view dogs as potential sources of dirt and mess, rather than as fellow creatures who need to be kept clean. For this reason, it is probably best to let cats and dogs groom themselves, rather than trying to force them to share bathing duties.

Most cats would probably view dog grooming as a form of torture. However, that doesn’t mean that cats and dogs can’t form a close bond. Many families have both cats and dogs, and these two cat-a-phobic animals can learn to live together in harmony. The key is to provide each pet with its own space and to give them time to get used to each other’s presence. With patience and understanding, even the most unlikely pair can develop a lasting friendship. So, while cats may not be fans of doggy shampoo, they can still learn to love their canine companions.

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