Golden Retriever Puppy Totally Bamboozled By A Slice Of Lemon

Dug has no idea how to deal with this lemon slice.

I spotted the lemon slice on the floor and knew I had to investigate. It looked so juicy and delicious! I sniffed at it cautiously, not sure what to expect. Suddenly, I felt a sharp sting on my nose. Ouch! What was that? I backed away quickly, trying to understand what had just happened. After a few moments, I decided to give it another try. Once again, I inched closer to the lemon slice, getting ready to take a big bite. But before I could even touch it, the sting returned. I yelped in surprise and quickly backed away again. This was totally confusing. Why did the lemon slice hurt me? Was it some kind of trick? I couldn’t figure it out, but one thing was for sure – I would be staying well away from that lemon slice from now on!

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