Copyright Policy

Reporting Copyright Infringement

If You are a copyright owner, or are authorized to act on behalf of a copyright owner, and You believe that copyrights are being infringed upon in connection with any content (“Content”) displayed on any of our online properties (including our YouTube channel and corresponding Facebook and other social media pages) operated by Dickey Design, Inc., which includes this Channel  (collectively “Channel”), please contact us in writing with the information set forth in the Infringement Notice Content section below, as follows:

Please send your Infringement Notice by email to:

Please use the following subject line: Notice of Infringement.”  

You can also send any Infringement Notice to us by mail to:

Dog Blog
PO Box 207
Elwood, IN 46036

Infringement Notice Content: If You believe that any Content appearing on our Channel constitutes copyright infringement, you must submit the following information to us in writing: 1) an electronic or physical signature of any person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the protected interest; 2) a brief description of the copyrighted work that You claim has or is being infringed upon; 3) a description of the location where any allegedly infringing Content may appear, including the URLs of social media pages and/or hyperlinks; 4) Your address, telephone number, and email address; 5) a statement by You stating that You have a good faith belief that the infringing use is unauthorized; 6) a statement by You, under penalty of perjury, that the information contained in any notice to us pursuant to this Policy is accurate and that affirms that You are the copyright owner, or that You are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner(s).


Video Embedding.  We embed and display video content hosted on third-party platforms based upon our good faith belief that consent has been granted to us by the video providers through their acceptance of the relevant host platform terms of service (i.e., YouTube, Instagram, etc.). Please note, some platforms allow channel/profile operators to consent to third-party display of uploaded video content via embedding by manually toggling this feature on or off. We do not modify or use any video content in any manner other than strictly in accordance with the limited consent granted to us and other third-parties through the applicable hosting providers.


False or Misleading Notices.  We shall determine the sole manner in which we decide to treat any non-compliant notices in whatever manner appears to be reasonable given the facts and circumstances presented. Any claimant or user who submits an Infringement Notice which contains any false or materially misleading information will automatically forfeit any rights under this Policy and such notice shall be considered null and void by us.


Trademark/Service Mark Policy

If You believe that any Content appearing on this Channel  constitutes trademark or service mark infringement, you must provide us with the same information in writing consistent with our Copyright Infringement Policy set forth above, except that all copyright information shall relate to the trademark or service mark instead.

In the event we receive a written “Cease and Desist” letter or other demand alleging that any Content posted to this Channel  infringes upon, dilutes, tarnishes or otherwise violates the trademark/service mark rights of any third parties, we will remove or disable access to such Content after we receive the required information consistent with our Copyright Infringement Notice.