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  • Private Dog Training

    Private Dog Training – Is It Worth the Money?

    When my owners first brought me into their home, they ran into difficulties with me because everything was brand new. I didn’t mean to be a nuisance. However, I was just so excited about everything, and I might have gotten a little out of control sometimes. I always overheard my owners talking about private dog […] More

  • Older Dog Attacking New Pup

    Older Dog Attacking New Puppy – How to Stop This Behaviour

    I’m just a puppy that was introduced to the family, and the older dog that they already have is insistent on attacking me. My owners aren’t sure why this is happening all of the time, and that was the last thing they wanted to happen when they got me. I’m trying to figure out what […] More

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    Adopting a Dog: The Ultimate Guide

    Are you thinking about adopting a new furry family member? This ultimate guide to adopting a dog will walk you through the process from preparation to puppy training, and everything in between. Table of contents Introduction Preparing to Adopt a Dog Dog Supplies Needed Finding Your Perfect Dog What to Expect at the Shelter? The […] More

  • Why do dogs eat rocks
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    Why Do Dogs Eat Rocks?

    It can be hard to communicate with your doggies, as we don’t speak human and you don’t speak bark. Luckily, I am here to help you. Being a dog myself, I can answer all of your questions about us dogs and how our brains work! You may have noticed that furry friends such as myself […] More

  • why do dogs dig in their beds

    Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds?

    We dogs are funny when it comes to our sleeping routine. There’s a certain pattern we need to follow whenever it comes the time to settle down and rest. We know you look at us in confusion and wonder why we don’t just sink into the softness of our beds. The reason we behave we […] More

  • Why do dogs bury things

    Why Do Dogs Bury Things?

    You, humans, are really smart, but sometimes you’re confused by the simplest of things. Why do we dogs bury things? Well, there’s a perfectly good reason behind it! We call it the dog logic, we’re really clever you see. But I suppose you humans are quite different from us, so it’s okay that you don’t […] More

  • Why Do Dogs Bite Their Nails

    Why Do Dogs Bite Their Nails?

    Dogs do some peculiar things and our actions are often very similar to those of humans. While biting our nails may appear comical, this odd behavior can often be an indicator that something is bothering us. Have you noticed that your dog appears to be biting their nails? If so, you are likely wondering why […] More

  • Why do dogs beg

    Why Do Dogs Beg?

    Okay, so you’re a human, you probably have a dog, so you want to know the details. You want answers. Not surprised, we dogs are a mystery. We’re complex creatures of unpaired beauty and talent. And since I’m feeling generous, I’ll give you the answers. Why do dogs beg? Well if you gave us more […] More

  • Why do dogs bark in their sleep

    Why Do Dogs Bark in Their Sleep?

    Sometimes, I bark in my sleep. I don’t even realize that I’m doing it and wake up to my people all around me with concerned eyes. Sometimes they film me to watch it back, the horror of seeing myself twitching and barking at nothing! It can be freaky, I bet, but there’s no need to […] More

  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Nothing

    Why Do Dogs Bark at Nothing?

    One of the most common questions I heard my humans say around me is ‘BAILEY, WHAT ARE YOU BARKING AT?!’ and if truth be told, sometimes I can’t even answer that, mainly because my human family doesn’t speak canine but also because we floof balls will bark at everything and anything just because we feel […] More

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