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  • dog celebrating outside

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    It’s my birthday. How about a party? I’m not asking for anything huge or elaborate. Maybe just invite over a few friends, a yummy bacon-flavored cake, a gift or two? Is that asking for a lot? I mean, when it’s your special day, you go all out! Loud music, dancing, lots of food, a ton […] More

  • dog in blanket

    19 Reasons Everyone Needs a Dog

    Since we first approached the campfires 10,000 years ago, we’ve known being man’s best friend is a good deal. But it’s not just a great deal for us. 1. We don’t know when you’re being lazy by sleeping in, and if we did know, we wouldn’t care. Hit that snooze button!       2. We […] More

  • kid and dog

    18 Peppy Puppies Playing In Puddles

    It’s official, puppies in puddles are just about the cutest thing we’ve seen this year, and that’s hard to beat! With the rainy season longer than ever, lots of us are spending more time indoors and waiting for the weather to clear. We definitely need a little joy in our lives after all the seriousness […] More

  • dog in plaid

    19 Sleeping Puppies Prove Their Toys Are the Best Cuddlers

    Who doesn’t love to cuddle? When your pup is taking his or her 7th nap of the day and you aren’t around for a snuggle sesh, they may just curl up with one of their favorite toys. Check out these 19 adorable dogs that enjoy cuddling up with their favorite stuffed buddy! 1. This Chi […] More

  • pugs and couple

    18 Dogs Who Surely Made the Wedding List

    It can be hard to narrow down your wedding guest list. Which friends and family do you want alongside your special day? How many people can your venue fit? How do you choose who to invite? One thing is for sure — these brides and grooms knew that they needed an important member of their […] More

  • dog and grandfather

    These 25 Dog Dads Show That Their Love is Fur-ever

    We all know the old adage that “dog is man’s best friend,” but wouldn’t you say that dogs are even more? They have become more than just a pet; they are our closest companions, our “fur babies,” and the most loyal of them all. These 25 pups with their dads prove that the bond between […] More

  • three puppies

    Life is Better in a Puppy Pack!

    Take it from me, when you’re part of a litter there are not many downsides. There’s always someone to play with when you’re happy or cuddle with when you’re tired. Here are some of my puppy friends at their most adorable. I told you before if I can’t be upfront, I need to find some way […] More

  • angry dog

    Don’t Embarrass Your Dog with Awkward Photos – Like These

    I love humans, but I have a beef about some of their pictures. (Mmmmm, beef. What was I talking about?) Right. Awkward pictures don’t show us in our best light, but they sure do make our humans laugh. It’s almost like they want us to look silly when they share our pictures with friends. Here […] More

  • two dogs snuggling

    Hogging the Bed is My Thing

    Oh, you need some extra room on the bed? Look, you may not realize it, but my days are long and rough (get it? “rough!”) Sometimes I spend hours sitting at the window barking at the other dogs outside who intrude on my visual space. That takes a lot of energy. Then there’s all of […] More

  • dog snuggling toy

    21 Facts That Prove Dogs Are Paw-sitively Amazing

    If you’re lucky enough to be owned by a dog, you probably already know that we’re pretty great. We make it our business to make your lives better through all the little things – guarding the house, cuddling in bed and making you laugh when you think you’ve forgotten how. But what about those people […] More

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