Stubborn Husky Throws Hilarious Temper Tantrum in the Bathtub

Kids can be difficult at times. They can get gloomy and stubborn, but did you know that dogs are capable of doing so as well? This adorable husky throws a hilarious temper tantrum in this video, according to which huskies can become extremely obstinate. They’re very clever, but they don’t have much of an interest in pleasing their masters.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Animals typically do not enjoy baths, and they prefer walking to them, however it’s the polar opposite for this husky! It’s quite amusing how this husky howls in objection when being forced to undertake something he doesn’t want to. He is really just like a little kid, albeit rather difficult!

Zeus is a seven-year-old Siberian Husky who refuses to follow any orders. So, when it’s time for his morning run and he’s not ready to go, he hides under his bed and howls in protest! This extremely obstinate Husky is up another one of his vocal tirades. He looks like a spoiled kid throwing a tantrum in the supermarket when his mother tells him he can’t have a candy. He is calling for back-up and is determined to not give in! At the end of the video, Zeus runs into another room and then quickly returns to continue howling in resistance.

husky bath

Huskies are one of the most beautiful dog breeds, and they’re certainly the closest to their wolf forefathers in terms of appearance. The term “husky” refers to a number of different sled-pulling dogs, including Alaskan malamutes and American Akitas, among others. They’re highly intelligent, energetic, active, and independent. Moreover, they can be very stubborn and difficult to handle, making them a challenge for many dog owners.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Would you consider Zeus’ behavior in the video as a tantrum or is this simply how huskies behave most of the time?

Dogs can have miserable days as well! Dogs are aware beings who experience a range of emotions, just like us. We can’t expect them to mind their manners as effectively when they’re having a bad day. Somehow, we forget that since we aren’t as skilled in canine body language as we are in human body language. This beautiful husky also throws a tantrum, and we simply can’t help but laugh!

husky towel after bath

We adore them because they deserve all of the love and attention in the world! They always demand things to be done their way, whether it’s taking a bath, going for a stroll, or eating. They desire that their demands be respected, which we appreciate since they are entitled to all of the love and care in the world!

Do Huskies like taking baths?

Some huskies do and some don’t. Some love the water and some hate it. It just depends on the dog’s personality.

Many huskies enjoy playing in water, so if your dog does too, a bath can be a fun way to get them clean. However, not all dogs enjoy baths, and some may even become anxious or stressed in the tub. If your dog is one of those that hates baths, it’s important to be patient and always use positive reinforcement when giving them one – even if it takes a while for them to get used to it!