Labradors Adorably Cuddle Each Other For Nap Time

Scott and Tex are two drowsy Labradors who love to sleep snuggled in a cozy bed. Can you guess which one of them is snoring?

Oh boy, nothing like a good nap after chasing squirrels in the yard. Mom and Dad’s bed is so comfy. I could nap here all day. I love cuddling up in these warm blankets. Wait, what’s that noise?

Aw man Scott are you snoring again? Sounds like a buzz saw. And you don’t have to be all over me. I’m trying to nap here. You’re smothering me, and your arm weighs a ton.

Ugh, I need to talk to Mom about getting you a CPAP machine. I think you might have sleep apnea. Well, I guess at least it’s just snoring. It could be worse. Yesterday you were tooting during nap time.

If I wasn’t so tired, I’d get out from under these blankets and lay on the couch. Oh well, at least I got the comfy pillow. That red pillow is too stiff and hurts my neck. Maybe I can talk Mom into getting me some ear muffs.

Oh, this bed is so much better than our dog bed. The dog bed is all lumpy and kinda smells. It’s Scott’s fault. He keeps rolling in stuff in the yard and tracking it inside. I don’t know why Mom puts up with it.

Man, this is the life. Chasing squirrels all morning and napping all afternoon. We are two lucky pups. I wonder if we’ll ever catch those squirrels. They’re fortunate we can’t climb trees.

After this nap, I think I’ll go outside and visit Frank next door. Maybe he has some tips on how to catch squirrels. I wish we didn’t have that fence between us. We could team up and get those pesky animals.

Or maybe I’ll keep napping. You know Scott, you sure are noisy. Who’d think that a little yellow lab would make so much noise? You need to get a sleep study done.

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