Pink Puppy Who Is Blind And Deaf Inspires Kids Who Are Dealing With Differences

Piglet is a rescue puppy that is traveling the country to inspire others to never give up, and is teaching classrooms that life’s struggles can lead to growth.

What is a rare color for dogs?

While there are many different colors of dogs, some colors are more rare than others. One of the most rare dog colors is albino. Albino dogs lack pigment in their skin, fur, and eyes, giving them a ghostly appearance. Less than one percent of all dogs are born with this condition. Another rare color is merle. Merle is a mottled pattern that can occur in any color of dog, but is most commonly seen in blue or lilac. It is caused by a recessive gene, which means that both parents must carry the gene in order for their puppies to be born with it. As a result, merle dogs are relatively uncommon. Finally, brindle is another rare coloration. Brindle dogs have a striped coat, with dark and light fur running in parallel lines. This pattern can occur in any color of dog, but is most often seen in shades of brown or red. Like merle, brindle is caused by a recessive gene, making it fairly uncommon. While there are many different colors of dogs, albino, merle, and brindle are some of the rarest and most beautiful.

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