Goose Saves Stray Puppy From Freezing Weather By Warming Him Under Its Wings

This kind goose wraps its wings around the shivering puppy and tries to help him sleep comfortably.

Can geese and dogs get along?

Most people think of dogs and geese as natural enemies. After all, dogs are known for chasing birds, and geese can be aggressive when they feel threatened. However, it is possible for these two animals to coexist peacefully. For example, many farms keep both dogs and geese on the property. The dogs help to protect the geese from predators, while the geese help to keep the grass short. Whether they are living side-by-side on a farm or sharing a home as pets, it is clear that dogs and geese can get along just fine.

Interestingly, there is some evidence to suggest that geese and dogs can indeed get along. In many cases, the two species seem to ignore each other completely. And in some rare instances, they have even been known to form close bonds, playing and cuddling together like the best of friends. Of course, every animal is different, and there are no guarantees that a goose and a dog will become fast friends. But it’s certainly worth a try! Who knows – you might just be surprised at the result.

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