Dog Isn’t Just A Playmate, He’s A Life Saver For Little Girl

Mr. Gibbs is a service dog that helps Alida live an active life with all of her charming personality.

How do service dogs help toddlers?

Service dogs are specially trained to provide assistance to people with disabilities. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of service dogs being used to help children with various medical conditions. One such condition is congenital heart disease, which often requires the use of an oxygen tank. A service dog can be a valuable asset for a child with this condition, as they can help to carry the oxygen tank around and occasional provide treats. The dog can also serve as a companion and source of support for the child. In addition, the presence of a service dog can help to ease anxiety and provide comfort in unfamiliar or stressful situations.

Most people are familiar with service dogs that help those with physical disabilities, but did you know that service dogs can also be of tremendous assistance to toddlers? While a service dog for a toddler may not be as common as one for an adult, there are a number of ways in which they can be of assistance. For instance, a service dog can help a toddler who is prone to wandering off by staying close by their side and keeping them safe. They can also provide comfort and companionship to toddlers who are experiencing anxiety or sensory issues. And for toddlers who are still learning to potty train, a service dog can serve as a reminder to use the bathroom on occasion. In short, service dogs can make life easier for toddlers in a variety of ways – and they’re sure to enjoy the occasional treat, too!

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