Police Dog Gets Fired For Being Too Friendly, Later Receives An Even Better Job Offer

Gavel the German Shepherd was training to be a police dog but failed out of the academy for being too friendly.

Are police dogs friendly to other dogs?

While each dog is unique and has its own personality, most police dogs are bred to be friendly and sociable with other dogs. This is because they often work in close proximity with other canines, such as when they are tracking a suspect or searching for a lost child. In addition, police dogs need to be able to maintain their focus and not be distracted by other animals. As a result, they typically undergo extensive socialization training from a young age to help them interact calmly and confidently with other dogs. While they may not always be the best playmates, police dogs are usually good-natured and tolerant of other canines.

Many people are intimidated by police dogs, imagining them to be ferocious and aggressive. However, the truth is that police dogs are generally very friendly to other dogs – and to people too. While it is true that police dogs are trained to be alert and responsive to commands, they are also carefully socialized so that they can work well with other dogs. In fact, most police dogs love nothing more than a good game of fetch or a belly rub. So, next time you see a police dog on duty, don’t be afraid to say hello – you might just make a new friend.

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