Newborn Baby Started Crying So This Rottweiler Came To Help

This sweet Rotty wanted to make sure that the newest member of the pack was ok and came to nurture the newborn girl.

Are Rottweilers very nurturing?

Rottweilers have a reputation for being aggressive guard dogs, but the truth is that they are gentle, loving, and nurturing animals. Rotties were originally bred as working dogs, and they excel at tasks that require strength and endurance. However, their true nature is revealed when they are around their families. Rottweilers are devoted to their owners and are very protective of children. They are also very patient and tolerant, making them excellent playmates for kids. In addition, Rotties are known for their loyalty and affection. They form strong bonds with their owners and love spending time cuddling and being petted. So, while they may not be the first breed that comes to mind when you think of a nurturing pet, Rottweilers definitely have a lot of love to give.

One of the things that they love most is spending time with kids. They are gentle giants who love to play and cuddle. Rottweilers adore being around children and will do anything to make them happy. In fact, many families choose to adopt a Rottweiler specifically because they want a dog who will be good with their kids. If you’re looking for a family-friendly dog, then a Rottweiler is the perfect choice. Not only will they become your child’s best friend, but they will also provide years of faithful companionship.

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