Malamute Hysterically Pesters Girl For Her Cookie

This pup is trying every trick in the book to get a piece of this girl’s cookie.

How to stop a dog from begging for cookies?

Teaching your dog to “leave it” is the best way to stop them from begging for cookies. “Leave it” means to stop what they are doing and ignore the distractions around them. To start teaching your dog “leave it”, hold a treat in your hand and let your dog smell it. Once they start to beg for the treat, say “leave it” in a firm voice and close your fist around the treat. The key is to be consistent with the command and only give your dog the treat when they obey. If you give in and give them the treat while they are begging, they will learn that begging gets them what they want. It may take some time and patience, but eventually your dog will learn that “leave it” means to back off and wait for their reward.

Have you ever given your dog a cookie, only to have them beg for more? If so, you’re not alone. Begging is a common behavior in dogs, and it can be frustrating for pet owners. However, there are some things you can do to stop your dog from begging for cookies. One way to do this is to provide them with alternative snacks that are just as tasty but not as high in calories. For example, you could try giving your dog raw carrots or baby food. You could also try training your dog with positive reinforcement. Every time they listen to your commands and refrain from begging, give them a treat. With patience and time, you can help your dog break the begging habit.

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