Little Girl is Trying to Find a Quiet Place to Study, While Mom and Dog Argue About a Pillow

Samson pretends to return his pillow only to initiate a play session, while little Sierra just asks for some peace and quiet.

Do dogs distract you from studies?

It’s a common debate among students: is it better to study with a dog by your side or alone in silence? Some people find that their furry friend helps them focus, while others find that their concentration is interrupted by woofs and wagging tails. So, what does the research say?

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Several studies have shown that dogs can actually help people learn new tasks more quickly. For example, one study found that when children were taught how to spell new words, they learned the words more quickly when they were accompanied by a dog. Another study found that college students who took a brief break to play with puppies during their study session had better recall of the material they had studied than those who didn’t take a break at all. It seems that spending time with a dog can provide a much-needed mental break that helps improve focus and concentration.

Of course, dogs can also be Distracting. If you’re trying to read quietly, it’s hard to ignore a dog who’s trying to get your attention. And if you’re trying to concentrate on writing an essay, it can be tough to ignore a pup who’s curled up at your feet begging for belly rubs.

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