Boxer Dog Walks Around In Style Wearing A Pair Of Crocs

This funny Boxer makes it look easy to walk around wearing Crocs.

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Why are dogs so obsessed with shoes?

From chihuahuas to great Danes, dogs of all shapes and sizes seem to share a common obsession: shoes. But why do they love them so much? One theory is that dogs are attracted to the smell of their owner’s feet. Since shoes often spend hours on our feet, they become saturated with the sweat and bacteria that make up our natural scent. To a dog’s sensitive nose, this scent is irresistible. Another possibility is that dogs see shoes as a type of chew toy. After all, many dogs enjoy gnawing on bones and other hard objects, and shoes are made of similar materials. Or it could be that dogs simply enjoy the taste of leather and rubber. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: dogs will always have a soft spot for shoes.

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