This Woman Brought Home A Dog, But Apparently He’d Rather Be A Human

Teddy is so cute and has so much personality with his expressive eyes.

Do some dogs think they are human?

Have you ever looked into your dog’s eyes and felt like they were looking back at you with genuine understanding? It’s almost as if they can see into your soul. Dogs have been known to be man’s best friend for centuries, and it’s no wonder why. They provide us with companionship, Loyalty and love unconditionally. But what happens when a dog seemingly goes above and beyond these conventional canine behaviors? When they start to act more like humans than dogs?

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There have been many documented cases of dogs exhibiting human-like behavior. One famous example is that of a dog named Lilly who would often sit at the dinner table with her owners and use a knife and fork to eat her food. Utensils are not something that come naturally to dogs, so this behavior was very perplexing to her owners. Another dog named Ninja gained notoriety for his ability to use the toilet just like a human. He would even flush afterwards! While these stories are certainly amusing, they also raise some interesting questions. Do these dogs actually think they are human? Or are they just mimicking the behavior of their owners?

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