The Only Way To Stop This Baby From Crying Is Bringing In The Huskies

Baby Parker throws a tantrum until mom lets Huskies, Millie and Rupert, come in to get cuddles and kisses.

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Why are babies so fascinated by dogs?

Dogs have been called man’s best friend for centuries, and there may be some truth to that claim. After all, dogs have been bred to serve as loyal companions and working partners. But what is it about dogs that make them so appealing to babies? One theory is that it has to do with the way dogs communicate. Dogs are highly attuned to body language and facial expressions, which makes them very good at reading human emotions. This can be especially helpful for babies, who are still learning to interpret the emotions of others. In addition, dogs are often gentle and playful by nature, which makes them naturally patient and accepting of young children. As a result, it’s not surprising that so many babies find dogs to be fascinating creatures.

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