The Most Comfortable Bed For A Cat Is A Sleeping Husky

Farina the cat gives Maeby the Husky a massage before turning the dog into the ultimate bed.

Is it normal for a dog to like a cat?

It’s not unusual for a dog to like a cat. In fact, it’s quite common. Dogs and cats are both social animals, so it makes sense that they would enjoy each other’s company. research has shown that dogs and cats can form strong bonds with one another. In many cases, these bonds are even stronger than the bonds between members of the same species. So if your dog seems to like your cat, there’s no need to worry. It’s perfectly normal – and it might even be good for your pet.

There are certainly plenty of examples of dogs and cats who are the best of friends. In fact, many people find that their dog and cat develop a close bond and enjoy spending time together. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case. For one, both dogs and cats are social animals who enjoy companionship. Additionally, they share a number of key characteristics, such as a love of play and a sense of curiosity. Of course, every dog and cat is unique, and not every pair will become best buddies. But it is certainly not abnormal for a dog to like a cat.

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