German Shepherd Puppy Is The Cutest Alarm Clock Ever

Jessie the puppy wakes up his owner from a nap in an adorable and loving way.

Why do puppies like licking faces?

Anyone who has ever been licked by a puppy knows that there is something uniquely pleasurable about the experience. But why do puppies like licking faces? One theory is that it’s a remnant of their time in the womb. In utero, puppies are constantly bathed in amniotic fluid, which is rich in nutrients and beneficial bacteria. Licking their mother’s face helps them to Bond and provides them with essential nutrients. Once they’re born, puppies continue to lick their mother’s face as a way of asking her to regurgitate food for them. As they grow older, puppies learn that licking humans can also be a form of communication. It’s a way of showing affection, asking for attention, or getting someone to do something for them. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that face-licking is one of the most endearing things about puppies.

It’s no secret that most puppies enjoy licking faces. But have you ever wondered why they do it?
It could be argued that face-licking is a puppy’s way of showing affection. After all, when puppies lick our faces, they’re usually being gentle and sweet. They’re not trying to hurt us or show us who’s boss. Instead, they’re simply trying to express their love and happiness.

Another theory is that face-licking is a remnant of puppyhood. In the wild, puppies often lick their mother’s face as a way of asking her to regurgitate food for them. While our domestic puppies may not be hungry, they may still instinctively lick our faces as a way of seeking attention and care.

Whatever the reason, face-licking is certainly one of the many things that make puppies so adorable. So even though it might not be the most pleasant experience, we should probably just try to enjoy it!

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