Golden Retriever Dad Tells Daughter Playtime is Over

Sassa’s dad is normally very loving and enjoys cuddling with his daughter, but he’s had enough and she needs to calm down.

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Do dogs get annoyed with puppies?

Dogs generally don’t get annoyed with puppies. They may get annoyed with specific behaviors, like chewing or excessive barking, but not with the puppy themselves. Dogs are more likely to be patient and tolerant with puppies than they are with adult dogs. This is because puppies are still learning and haven’t had a chance to develop bad habits yet. Additionally, puppies typically have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which can be contagious. Even the most grumpy dog is likely to find it hard to stay mad at a puppy for very long. So if you’re looking for a little bit of unconditional love, a puppy may be the best option.

It’s certainly not uncommon for puppies to annoy their elders, especially when they’re full of energy and constantly getting underfoot. However, it’s important to remember that dogs are generally very patient creatures, and most of them will put up with a lot of antics from a young pup without complaint. In fact, many dogs seem to enjoy playing with puppies, and even those who don’t may still tolerate them out of a sense of calm resignation. So while it’s possible that an older dog might get annoyed with a puppy at times, it’s probably not as common as we might think.

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