Dog Flunks Out Of Service Dog Training School In The Most Hilarious Way

Ryker might not have what it takes to be a service dog, but he’s still a good boy. His failures involve knocking over a wheelchair, a walker, and moving a fridge.

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What happens to dogs that fail service training?

Service dogs are an important resource for people with disabilities, providing them with essential assistance and companionship. However, not every dog is cut out for the job. Service dogs must undergo intensive training in order to learn the skills they need, and even then there is no guarantee of success. Dogs that fail service training often end up being adopted by their trainers or returned to their original owners. In some cases, they may be placed with another family that can provide them with the loving home they deserve. However, it is important to remember that service dogs are not pets; they are working animals that have a very important job to do. As a result, it is often best for them to be placed in a home where they can thrive and be of assistance to those who need them the most.

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