Monkey Saves Abandoned Puppy, Protects Him and Helps Him Eat

This monkey adopts the puppy and cares for it like its own.

Do monkeys keep dogs?

While it might seem unlikely, there are actually a number of reports of monkeys keeping dogs as pets. In some cases, the monkey will adopt a dog that is smaller than itself, and the two will form a close bond. The monkey will often groom the dog and even share its food with it. In other cases, the monkey will simply treat the dog as a playmate, roughhousing with it in a friendly way. While it is not clear why monkeys keep dogs, it is perhaps not so surprising when one considers that monkeys are social creatures who crave companionship. By keeping a dog, the monkey is able to fulfill its need for companionship while also gaining a loyal friend.

While there are many reasons why a monkey might like a dog, it ultimately boils down to individual preference. Some monkeys might be drawn to the dog’s loyalty and friendly nature, while others might enjoy the challenge of playing with a canine companion. In any case, the bond between monkey and dog is sure to be a special one.

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