Man Goes To Pier To Scatter His Grandmother’s Ashes & Ends Up Saving A Drowning Dog

20-year-old Raden went to a pier in Melbourne, Australia and a strong wind blew a tiny Maltese-Shitzu mix named Bibi off the pier and into the water. Her owner panicked but Raden reacted quickly to save the dog.

How to save a drowning dog?

If you see a dog drowning and you are unable to swim to safety, there are still things you can do to try and save the dog’s life. First, assess the situation and see if you can safely get to the dog without putting yourself in danger. If you can’t reach the dog, try to find something that floats that the dog can grab onto. A stick or a rope may be enough to help the dog stay afloat until someone who can swim comes to help. If there is nothing nearby that can be used as a floatation device, call 911 and wait for professional help to arrive. In the meantime, continue to monitor the dog and try to keep them calm.

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