Lab Puppy Curls Up In A Tiny Ball And Has The Cutest Little Kicking Feet While Dreaming

This 2-week-old snoozing puppy is so adorable.

Why does my lab puppy dream so much?

Though we may never know for sure what goes on behind those puppy eyes, it’s safe to say that dogs dream just like humans do. The main difference is that while human dreams tend to be symbolic and reflective of our conscious thoughts and experiences, dog dreams are more likely to be a jumble of instinctual behaviors and random sensory input. So if you see your lab puppy chasing a rabbit in his sleep, it’s likely that he’s just drawing on his natural hunting instincts. Dreams may also help puppies (and adult dogs) to process the events of the day and make sense of new experiences. So if your puppy has had a busy day exploring your neighborhood, you might see him “replaying” those adventures in his dreams. In any case, there’s no need to worry if your puppy seems to be dreaming a lot – it’s just part of being a dog!

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