German Shepherd Hilariously Reacts To ‘Turn Around’ Song Lyrics

When Bonnie Tyler’s hit song is played, this funny dog obeys the song lyrics perfectly.

Can dogs dance?

While it may not always be obvious, dogs are actually quite skilled dancers. If you’ve ever seen two dogs playing together, you may have noticed that they often take turns leading and following each other. This is similar to the way humans dance with one another. Dogs also use their bodies to communicate with each other through movement. For example, when a dog stands up on its hind legs and waves its front paws in the air, it is usually asking to play. Similarly, when a dog wags its tail from side to side, it is usually a sign of happiness or excitement. In other words, dogs are able to express themselves through dance just like humans do. So next time you see your dog moving around to the beat, don’t be surprised – they’re just busting a move!

Even though dogs can’t physically talk, that doesn’t mean they can’t communicate. Dogs use their bodies to express themselves, and one of the ways they do this is through dance. When a dog is happy, excited, or wants to play, they may start to jump up and down or spin in circles. This type of physical movement is often referred to as “dancing.” While it may not look the same as human dancing, it’s still a form of communication that allows dogs to express themselves. So the next time you see your dog getting their groove on, remember that they’re just trying to tell you how they feel.

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