Big Doggy Takes Kids For Laundry Basket Ride

Check out how much fun these kids are having as their dog pulls them around the house with ease.

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I found a sweet, warm sunspot to sleep in this afternoon when a strange scraping sound woke me up. I thought my dream was about squawking birds until I realized it was just the sound of the mini-humans playing.

What kind of antics had they gotten up to now?

The mini-humans are prone to boredom, especially during days when Honey is out and Darling has lots of work to do on her desk-box. They usually remedy their boredom by riding on my back or tying ponytail holders around my ears. This morning, though, they had wanted to let me nap.

Well, the nap had been thoroughly enjoyed. Now I needed to find out what that strange noise was!

I can’t exactly say I was surprised at the crazy scene. These mini-humans do the strangest things, but Honey and Darling love them anyway, and so do I.

The bigger of the two mini-humans was trying to pull her sister in a laundry basket across the kitchen floor. She stopped when she saw me. Her face lit up with the mischievous expression she gets when she has an idea.

Then, she threw the rope on the floor, hopped into the basket with her sister, and they both waved at me. Their soft little voices barked at me. They’re so precious!

I knew what the mini-humans wanted and my nap had left me ready to play.

I tugged those mini-humans around through the kitchen until they made their squawking noises of happiness so loudly that Darling came into the room. For a second, I thought we were all in trouble but she just laughed and took out her hand-rectangle that she was always pointing at me and the mini-humans.

Today, the boredom of the mini-humans was successfully cured, and so was mine!

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