14 Cute Basenji Puppies All Enjoying A Meal Together

The puppies are 6 weeks old and come from 2 litters of 6 and 8, that were born 2 days apart.

How long are Basenjis pregnant?

Basenjis are a small breed of dog known for their sleek, athletic bodies and their signature high-pitched bark. While these dogs can weigh anywhere between 20 and 30 pounds, they often seem even smaller due to their fast, agile movement. Additionally, Basenjis are an ancient breed that was originally bred in Africa as hunting companions and companions for more elite members of society.

The average length of pregnancy for a Basenji is around 63 days. Although this may seem like a relatively short amount of time compared to some other dog breeds, the advanced pregnancy period for this breed helps to increase the chances of survival for both the mother and her young pups. During this time, Basenjis undergo significant hormonal changes as well as physiological adjustments in order to prepare themselves for birth. Ultimately, the relatively long pregnancy period ensures that these skilled pooches are able to give birth to healthy puppies with all the proper nutrients they need to thrive.

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