Sassy Dog Hilariously Talks Back To Her Owner

One year old Neko the boxer/husky mix shows her sass to her owner.

Ok, I can’t help myself. I know I am a big baby, but my owner is always spoiling me. He usually gives me everything I want, but today he said “No” for the first time in a long time.

When I bring my leash to him, he always gives me walks. If I go to the closet where they keep my food and push my snout against the box of rawhide bones, he gives me one. So you see, he always gives me everything that I ask: until today.

We were outside exercising and enjoying the sun. It was the first 75-degree day of springtime. He threw me a stick to fetch, and we played tug of war with my favorite white, green, and blue rope.

My owner called me to go inside for lunchtime. On the way inside, something happened that I had never seen caught my eye. I saw this small brown creature with a fluffy tail and little whiskers sniffing the ground. I had never seen this creature before, so I wanted to investigate.

My owner called me inside, telling me it was time for lunch, but I wasn’t listening. So I made a run for it and went to try to make friends with the creature. “Don’t chase after the squirrel!” my owner shouted.

So that’s what that creature is: a squirrel! This little guy sounded even more interesting now that I knew his name. I ran faster towards the squirrel, but he ran up the tree before I could get to it.

My owner grabbed me and cradled me like a pup. Then, he took me into the house, and we sat at the kitchen table as he continued to cradle me.

“I said no, you silly thing!” my owner laughed.

“Roo, roo, roo,” I replied sadly.

My owners were laughed at my response, laughing a bit more than usual. They proceeded to call me a big baby because of how I responded. It’s not my fault that I just wanted to make friends with the squirrel. Maybe I can finally meet the squirrel tomorrow!

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