Gentle Belgian Malinois Has Adorable Friendship With Tiny Owl And The Cutest Pictures

Ingo the Belgian Malinois has an unlikely friendship with an owl named Poldi.

Can owls and dogs be friends?

It’s well-known that dogs and cats can be friends. But what about dogs and owls? While it might seem unlikely, there are plenty of reasons why these two animals might actually enjoy each other’s company. For one thing, they share a common love of the outdoors. Both dogs and owls are highly curious creatures who enjoy exploring their surroundings. They also share a similar prey drive, which can lead to some fun games of fetch or catch. In addition, owls and dogs are both social animals who thrive on companionship. So while they might not be best buds, it’s certainly possible for owls and dogs to be friends.

Many people think of dogs as loyal, friendly companions. But did you know that dogs and owls have a lot in common? For one thing, both species are predators. Dogs are descended from wolves, and owls are at the top of the food chain in many ecosystems. In addition, both dogs and owls have sharp eyesight and keen hearing. This allows them to spot prey from a distance and helps them to avoid becoming prey themselves. Additionally, both dogs and owls are highly social creatures. Dogs form close bonds with their owners, and owls live in family groups known as “parliaments.” So it’s not surprising that these two species have a lot of similarities. In fact, it’s likely that a dog would enjoy the company of an owl!

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