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  • Bat Dog
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    Meet the Crimefighting Batdog and his Batteam!

    I’m a dog who isn’t against getting dressed up every now and again- so Halloween is the perfect opportunity to pretend to be someone else for an evening. My kids are all about the superheroes right now, and since they are huge Lego Batman fans they decided to be Batman and Batgirl for Halloween. Ideas […] More

  • Ralph Snippet


    This has been a hard post to write so I have been avoiding it for awhile. My best friend in the whole world, my sister Snippet, died in June. To say I was devastated is an understatement. My whole family was really upset, she was 14, so I’ve only ever known life with my furry […] More

  • Dog Tennis

    Tennis, anyone?

    If you’re new to the blog, hi, I’m Ralph! I’m an 8 year old Australian Shepherd mix, or at least that’s what my parents think I am. More to come there as we explore the world of DNA testing and try to figure that out once and for all. Anyway, whatever breed I am, even […] More

  • Wright Brothers Museum

    Staying on the ground is all-Wright with me!

    Sunday dawned bright and early and we slowly got moving to the Wright Brothers Memorial which was a short distance from our hotel. We got there in time for a talk from one of the park rangers and what I got to hear was really interesting. I unfortunately had to chase down the children so […] More

  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

    Lighting up the Scenery at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

    In my humble opinion, no southern gentleman’s outfit is complete without a bowtie. Granted most days I am running around collarless like some kind of wild animal. A visit to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, however, is a special occasion for this guy so I pulled out all of the stops and sported my Lionet Paws […] More