Bringing your Dog to Disney World!

At the beginning of February all five of us headed down the road to Orlando, Florida. Do you know anything that’s there? I sure didn’t but now I do!

Not long before our trip the grown ups discovered that Disney has its own kennel….of course they do! Is there anything they haven’t thought of? And, it just so happened The Port Orleans – Riverside hotel went pet friendly about a year ago, so I could lounge there when I wasn’t in the kennel. Double win!

Here’s the entrance of the kennel – as you can see by the cartoon drawings, they take both dogs and cats.

They require proof of vaccination before boarding- it can be faxed to them by your veterinarian. For a dog to board they need DHPPv/DA2PPv, Rabies, and Bordetella. For day care they must additionally have Canine Influenza Vaccines (H3N2 and H3N8). My humans didn’t want me getting the Canine Flu vaccine so unfortunately I couldn’t take part in the day care play time which costs extra.

Since my owners called so close to their vacation (not realizing this existed they had booked a place close to our house), the only accommodations left were indoor only. They have several options if you call early enough- all rooms come with a pet cot.

-Indoor only: Includes 2 potty walks per day (my mom realized that she could ask for these to be at certain times since she was coming to see me- more on that). Rooms are up to 32 square feet (4’x7′ or 4’x8′).

-Indoor/Outdoor:  Includes 1 potty walk with staff per day. These are made up of two rooms- one indoor room that is either 4’x4′ or 3’x4′ and an enclosed patio (protected from the elements with 9 feet of clearance). Patio sizes range from 3’x8′ to 4’x8′.

-Vacation Villas:

-VIP Luxury Suites: