Meet the Crimefighting Batdog and his Batteam!

I’m a dog who isn’t against getting dressed up every now and again- so Halloween is the perfect opportunity to pretend to be someone else for an evening. My kids are all about the superheroes right now, and since they are huge Lego Batman fans they decided to be Batman and Batgirl for Halloween. Ideas on what to be raced through my furry head– I thought about being the Penguin or Joker but being bad isn’t really my style. Or I could have just gone out on my own and been Clint Eastwood or Scooby Doo. Then I decided, nah, I love those little boogers and we wouldn’t be a pack if I didn’t go with the Batman theme too as Batdog!  In the words of the Dark Knight: “Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.” Here I am with my charges enjoying the lovely and beautiful fall leaves.

Just making a few tweaks to the old costume. I love that girl, she’s always making sure I look my best.  I’m looking around to make sure everything is in order….yep, seems like the neighbors are behaving themselves today.

Wait just a minute- I think I see Mr. Jones over there staring at some beautiful women. She’s looking at him, I don’t think so, she’s looking at me. Just kidding! Having some fun with an old Counting Crows song. Speaking of crows, do you ever have those crows that are as big as cats running around your front yard? Drives me bonkers- they’re birds, so naturally I want to chase them, yet they make me so scared!  I’ll let you in on a little known fact- some days I’m even afraid of my shadow.  Shhh….don’t tell anyone. But oh leaves, I love them. And this weather is the best! In my opinion there is no better time to get the zoomies out than when there is a slight nip in the air. I’m a lot more active in the fall and winter versus the summer when it is SO hot and it is all I can do to get up and eat my breakfast and dinner. Speaking of changing seasons, is anyone else losing their fur like crazy these past few months?

Here I am on a solo mission– a good superhero is always on guard for evil villains. What better place to do this but on a sunny porch with western exposure. Ah, doing good makes this southern gentleman so happy!  This is also the porch where my mom and dad Furminate my shedding hair. Hopefully some of my bird friends (not you, crows!) will use it for nests come spring.

Later on in the day we headed to the neighborhood shin dig….do people still call them that?  My mom made this photo prop for the event. I tried to help by walking over it and giving it a Jackson Pollack-esqueness that isn’ t easily replicated but mom scolded me and told me to get off of it. The children enjoyed putting their faces in the pictures. My only complaint is she didn’t have any of the characters at dog level so I could participate. There were plenty of handouts to be had, but my dad eventually whisked me away to my house and the safety of my family room where I waited for my family to return. The hayride my kids took through the neighborhood to trick or treat wasn’t exactly Ralphie-friendly…I would have wanted to jump off at every stop and, you know, greet my neighbors, sniff their butts, and make sure they were not up to no good.

I can’t wait til next year- any votes for what we should be? Until then, here’s Batdog, signing out. If you need me, just shine the Batdog signal!