Snippet My Kitty Friend

This has been a hard post to write so I have been avoiding it for awhile. My best friend in the whole world, my sister Snippet, died in June of 2018. To say I was devastated is an understatement. My whole family was really upset, she was 14, so I’ve only ever known life with my furry little companion. We were together pretty much all the time, except when she had enough of the attention I gave her and moved to another part of the house.

Here we are on the back deck. This was after she started getting sick.

I loved that little fur ball, she was my family.  I tried to express my love and care for her by cleaning her ears. I then tried to move to my humans’ ears and I was denied access! So I show my love and care to my humans instead by snuggling with them on the couch and their bed. I especially enjoy sleeping on the bed next to my little ones during story time.

Here I am cleaning Snippet’s ears early on, I was quite thorough!

There were all those snuggle-fests on the couch together….I was so young with a lot less grey fur back then!Best friends fur-ever!

Come and knock on my door….I’ll be waiting for you….where the kisses are his and his and hers, three’s company too!!! (I’m technically too young to understand this reference but my adult humans do).

I still love snuggling on the couch, but now it is me and the two little ones. I do miss Snippet’s furry snuggles and have tried to communicate that I’d like another furry kitty cat. My little girl child has requested the same but she was told we would have to wait until we moved.

And here we are just chilling – couch must have been taken by the grown ups. At that point we only had one couch, now there are two so ample room for me to stretch out. That’s her condo- she mainly enjoyed just perching on the top of it.

I can’t fit under this table quite as well as I did as a little pup but I still try to get crumbs from the little humans. It was pretty crumb-free back then.

It is so hard grieving a loved one. Part of me wishes we could stay young forever but I know that’s not God’s plan. Plus I wouldn’t have all of my wisdom if I were still a young pup. But oh how I miss her- it still makes me sad to think she’s not here hanging out with me. I hope we will be reunited someday. We love you Snippet and miss you so much. You were one of the best cats there ever was. Rest in peace.

Love and hugs,