Tennis, anyone?

If you’re new to the blog, hi, I’m Ralph! I’m an 8 year old Australian Shepherd mix, or at least that’s what my parents think I am. More to come there as we explore the world of DNA testing and try to figure that out once and for all. Anyway, whatever breed I am, even as a distinguished older gentleman I still have a LOT of energy. I love zooming around my yard but I am always up for new scenery and challenges. I really missed an opportunity to be one of those dogs who does agility trials. Nonetheless, on a recent clear day my parents took me with them to the tennis courts to play. A car ride AND a day on the courts? I could barely contain my excitement.

I bounded onto the courts with all of the fervor of a young labrador in a room full of socks. Or newspapers. Or rawhide bones… well anything needing to be chewed. The skies were clear and I was ready to run, fetch, and play.

I am quite the athlete if I do say so myself, I can catch air like Jordan when I jump! I ran, chased the ball and went skidding across the smooth courts, showing all of my skill and agility as I went.

All of that movement makes a guy thirsty so soon I was in need of some water.  Thankfully my parents came prepared with the Healthy Human Portable Dog & Pet Travel Bowls with Lid. I love the stainless steel interior which they say is human grade. Since I believe myself to be human (I prefer sleeping on the couch with my head tucked gently on a pillow over the hard cold floor any day), I like this feature. Mmmm, such fresh water….so good!

Wow they brought food too?!? Tastes fresh and crunchy! How neat that they can hide the food under the water and keep it all sealed and fresh.

Unfortunately I can’t access the contents myself with these paws but they’re easy to unclick for my mom and dad. There’s also a lid with handles that clicks on so they can easily carry it to all of my tennis games.

I’ll just take another little bite here before I get back to my match.

Score! Game, set, match….Ralph! Time to hit the showers!