Woman Buys Farm To Create Dog Paradise In Town With More Dogs Than People

Lya Battle moved to Costa Rica and created a dog sanctuary for nearly 1,000 stray dogs.

What is a dog sanctuary?

A dog sanctuary is a haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned dogs. It is a place where they can feel safe and loved while they wait to be adopted into their forever homes. The staff at a dog sanctuary provide the dogs with food, shelter, and medical care. They also socialize the dogs, teaching them how to interact with humans and other animals. In some cases, the sanctuary may also offer training to help the dogs overcome any behavioral issues. Ultimately, a dog sanctuary provides a temporary home for dogs in need, preparing them for a life filled with love and security.

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At a dog sanctuary, dogs are able to run and play without a leash. They can choose to socialize with other dogs or have some alone time. There are usually plenty of toys and treats available, and staff members are on hand to provide love and attention. For dogs that have come from difficult situations, a dog sanctuary can be a place of healing and recovery. Here, they can learn to trust again and enjoy the simple things in life. Most importantly, they can feel safe and loved. For many dogs, a dog sanctuary is a true oasis.

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