Puppy Rescued By Police Officer Reports for Cuddle Duty

Sgt. Fuzz is St. Paul’s first therapy dog and he is so adorable when he reports for duty.

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What is a police therapy dog?

A police therapy dog is a specially trained dog that works with law enforcement to provide emotional support and assistance to victims of crime and trauma. Police therapy dogs are usually Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, or German Shepherds. These dogs undergo rigorous training to prepare them for their work with law enforcement. The training not only helps the dogs to bond with their handlers, but also teaches them how to remain calm in stressful situations. Police therapy dogs are often used during search and rescue missions, as well as during hostage situations and natural disasters. In addition to providing emotional support, police therapy dogs can also be trained to perform specific tasks, such as locating missing persons or detecting illegal drugs. As a result, police therapy dogs are an invaluable asset to law enforcement agencies across the country.

When most people think of therapy dogs, they imagine soothing animals that provide comfort to those who are ill or grieving. However, therapy dogs can also play an important role in law enforcement. Police therapy dogs are specially trained to provide emotional support to officers who have been through a traumatic event, such as a mass shooting or a natural disaster. The dogs can also help to defuse tense situations, such as when a suspect is barricaded inside a building. In addition to their work with law enforcement, police therapy dogs also often visit schools and community centers to help build relationships between the police and the public. As a result, these dogs play a vital role in making communities safer and more connected.

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