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  • Cutest Christmas Puppies

    21 Of The Cutest Christmas Puppies [PICTURES]

    To bring a little holiday cheer, and a whole lot of fur and fluff your way I have put together some heartwarming photos that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy browsing this collection of my best puppy friends being cute, cuddly, and just a bit mischievous through this holiday season. 1. […] More

  • Ralph at Disney
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    Bringing your Dog to Disney World!

    At the beginning of February all five of us headed down the road to Orlando, Florida. Do you know anything that’s there? I sure didn’t but now I do! Not long before our trip the grown ups discovered that Disney has its own kennel….of course they do! Is there anything they haven’t thought of? And, […] More

  • Firefighting Dog
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    Firefighters are REAL Superheroes

    In case you didn’t know, Safety is my middle name. Whether I am moonlighting as a superhero or saving the day as a fire fighting dog, I keep a busy schedule. This blogging thing is just a fun side gig I like to use to express myself. The other night our dinner was punctuated by […] More

  • Woodland Friends

    ZippyPaws Woodland Friends

    I’m a puppy who enjoys playing with a plush pal from time to time. Whether I’m nuzzling them, licking their ears (I also enjoyed grooming my kitty friend Snippet’s ears), or playing catch with them, they’re an integral part of my work day here at the house. So imagine my joy when the mail man […] More

  • Dog Toothbrush
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    Why You Should Let Your Dog Brush His Own Teeth

    Health is of utmost importance to an aged gentleman like myself, and a big component of that health is my oral health. Did you know that in humans periodontal disease has been connected with diabetes, heart disease, even cancer and Alzheimer’s? In dogs it has been studied and found to cause microscopic changes in the […] More

  • Dog Snowman

    King of the Mountain

    I previously shared my love of snow in my Snow Day post, so imagine my excitement when my neighborhood got 14″ of snow dumped on it! It took FOREVER for mom and dad to get the kids in their snow gear, but once they were suited up and ready to go it was time to […] More

  • Wisdom Panel DNA Test

    Who am I? Wisdom Panel DNA Review

    People have often wondered where such a dapper gentleman gets his good looks. Well, firstly, from God. Since I was adopted from the Humane Society (which my parents HIGHLY recommend- they say I’m the best dog they’ve ever had) the details of my background and lineage has never exactly been known. Me as a little […] More

  • Dog zoo

    My family went to the zoo and all I got is this yummy tuna.

    One thing you may not know about me is I have a fondness for animals. I used to have a kitty friend but sadly she passed away earlier this year. Since then I have returned to my stuffed animals – I have a duck, fox, and I recently acquired a fawn puppet from my children. […] More

  • Bat Dog
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    Meet the Crimefighting Batdog and his Batteam!

    I’m a dog who isn’t against getting dressed up every now and again- so Halloween is the perfect opportunity to pretend to be someone else for an evening. My kids are all about the superheroes right now, and since they are huge Lego Batman fans they decided to be Batman and Batgirl for Halloween. Ideas […] More

  • Dog Life Jacket

    Sailing The High Seas In My Orange Life Vest

    Have you ever known a dog who didn’t love having the wind in his face? Whether it is during a car ride with the window rolled down or on a boat, we dogs enjoy the fresh air blowing and ruffling our faces. Last weekend I got to enjoy a boat ride on my grandpa’s pontoon […] More

  • Ralph Snippet


    This has been a hard post to write so I have been avoiding it for awhile. My best friend in the whole world, my sister Snippet, died in June. To say I was devastated is an understatement. My whole family was really upset, she was 14, so I’ve only ever known life with my furry […] More

  • Dog Fleas & Ticks

    Fleas, Ticks, & Heartworms – oh my!

    You know what gets me down? You know, super bummed and sad-like? Fleas, ticks and heart worms, man, that’s what! My parents don’t want me to be dealing with that stuff either, so they give me Sentinel for heartworm. In case you’re a new dog friend- heartworms are transmitted by mosquito bites. Heartworms have now […] More

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