Little Girl Says Goodbye To Dog With Adorable Routine

Before Sierra goes to school each day, she has to say goodbye to her dog Sebastian.

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Do dogs know when you say goodbye?

As any dog owner knows, our furry friends are incredibly attuned to our moods and emotions. They can sense when we’re happy or sad, angry or scared, and they usually respond accordingly. So it’s no surprise that dogs also seem to pick up on the cues when we’re about to leave them behind. Studies have shown that dogs exhibit signs of stress and anxiety when their owners are preparing to go out, even if they’ve been left alone before. This is likely due to the fact that dogs are highly social creatures who form strong attachment bonds with their owners. When we’re getting ready to go out, they can sense our excitement and anticipation, and they know that they’re going to be left alone. As a result, they may start to whine or follow us around the house, trying to delaying our departure for as long as possible. While it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going on in a dog’s mind, it’s clear that they understand when we’re saying goodbye.

Recent studies suggest that dogs do indeed know when you say goodbye. In one experiment, researchers had owners say either “stay” or “go away” to their dogs while standing at the door. The owners then left the room for a short period of time. When they returned, the dogs who were told “stay” were more likely to greet their owners energetically, while the dogs who were told “go away” were more likely to avoid eye contact and keep their distance. This suggests that dogs understand the meaning of these words and react accordingly.

So next time you say goodbye to your furry friend, take a moment to consider what they might be thinking. They just might be missing you more than you realize.

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