You Must Water the Dog Before the Flowers

So, that’s my human watering the plants. She does that a lot- just goes to the plants and gives each one some of the water. Well, WHAT ABOUT ME? What if I want to have the water instead? That plant isn’t even going to play with the water. Why would they need it? They don’t! They don’t even have a water dish! I might just get in there and break this up. After all, I deserve all that water for being such a good boy. Who’s with me?

Yay! It’s mine all mine! I love to get the water! It’s so much fun to play with. It comes out of that thing like magic and then just sprays in the air! What will the humans think of next?

I’m having the most fun with this water, and I should be the one who gets it first to have fun with! Just a jump to get me in there, and now I get all the water I want! It just keeps coming! It will never run out!

Wait just a minute! The thing stopped spraying out water at me! Why did the water go away? Did it run out? Was the water not having fun? I’m pretty sure we both had fun together. Why is there no water now? Maybe if I look around I can find the water. Oh waaaaaater! Where are you?

The water is back! I knew that water wanted to play with me! I knew that if I looked around it would find me. As long as my human will work that thing, I get all the fresh, clean water! Would that plant have had this much fun with it? I don’t think so! I’m the best boy and the best playmate for the water.