World’s Worst Sheepdog – Terrier Misreads Herding Job Description

So, I’m a terrier. We are great companion dogs, and we know how to defend our humans when push comes to shove.

But you know what terriers aren’t great at? Sheep herding!

Yeah, that’s just not for us. Sheep herding is hard work, and guess what? There’s already a breed full of sheep herding pros! That didn’t stop my human from tasking me with sheep herding for the day.

Sigh. Well, I guess had nothing planned for today anyways. Let’s give this a try.

Okay, this is hard. Like, really hard! These sheep won’t stay put! But I was put in charge here, so let’s see if I can get them to go where I need them…

Oh- whoa! Wait! I’m supposed to be chasing you, not the other way around! These sheep are gigantic, why was I put in charge of this? Human, put the rectangle down and give me a helping paw!

Dear me, my respect for sheepdogs is skyrocketing. I don’t know how those guys can do this day in and day out. No wonder they’re always so tired and cranky at the dog park! Next time I see one, I’ll have to give them a compliment and bug them less about playing frisbee. I’d be exhausted all day too!

Wait, wait! All right, I think I have a plan. I know how I have to move to get these sheep moving. Don’t worry, human! Consider these sheep herded.

Yes, it’s working! Human, are you seeing this? I’m a natural. I better get extra treats and head scritches for this, because this is hard work. I see why you didn’t want to do this!

Here we go, they’re all moving! Wow, it’s just like in the movies. I know you have to shear these sheep, human, got any ideas on what you’re going to be making? I did the dirty work, so I fully expect a wool sweater, at the very least. Maybe one for each day of the week, and another for the holidays.

Aaaaand herded! These sheep are officially ready for shearing. Honestly, I’m kind of jealous. I’m hot after all this running around, and they get to lose all that heavy wool and cool off! Say, human, how much for a bit off the top for me too?

Well, that was a rough first day, but I got it done. It took some time to get into the swing of things, but I think I can pave the way to make terriers the next sheepdog! And as thanks for my hard work, not only did I get those head scratches and sweaters, but I also got some extra treats from my human, too!