World’s Cutest Receptionist Dog Fetches Paperwork at Vet Clinic

I know that most dogs prefer to just stay home, but me? I’m a workin’ kinda guy. I love to go to work and be around all of the animals who just need an emotional boost (being at the vet can be ruff!)

I don’t get paid a whole lot, but all of my medical treatment is covered (my boss offers great benefits) and, of course, I always get tipped.

Normally I work in the back, helping to keep an eye on the animals and make sure they are being good bois and girls, but sometimes I go up to the front if I’m needed.

Was that a whistle I heard? What can I do ya for, ma’am?

Ah, we need a receipt for Priscilla Poodle’s emergency surgery? Okay, coming right up.

That was really scary. I’m glad she is okay! Let me just grab that piece of paper right here for ya.

Aha! I got it right here. Alright, that’s a pretty big bill… I wonder if she has pet insurance? I heard that’s a thing now!

She did wonderful in surgery, everything went smoothly and she handled it so well. She was a really brave girl!

I didn’t get the whole thing, let me sneak the rest of it off the printer for you and I’ll have it right out!

Alright, here comes Mister Good Boi Hard Worker! You can call me Gus, though. Gus the Good Boi!

Okay ma’am, here’s your receipt. Is there anything else we can do for you? Maybe I can help you get Priscilla Poodle into the car?

No? Okay then. Make sure she stays out of the road and on the leash! That’s the doctor’s orders! And remember to bring her in for her follow-up appointment next week. It is very important to make sure everything is healing properly.

Oh… you want to tip me? I mean, I won’t say no to that!

Omnomnom! That is so yummy. Thank you for the treat! I am a good boi, and a hard worker. I definitely think I deserve that!

Well, it’s time for me to go take my 15-minute break. I think I’m going to wander over to the Starbucks next door. Sometimes they give me this little doggy treat (it’s basically just whipped cream but it’s pretty cute). I always feel like a very elegant pooch when I’m eating my Starbucks treat!

See you next time, ma’am, and don’t forget about that follow-up appointment!