Woman Risks Her Life to Save Dog Stranded on Busy Road

Hey! Please help me! I may be in a bit of a pickle here. I’m hearing lots of vehicles going by, and I realize now that I never should have come out onto this motorway. I just wanted to see the cool cars up close! How was I supposed to know they’d be going so fast?

Whoa, I think I see a brave human who might be trying to help me. Please, lady! Do something! I don’t wanna be here all day!

Wow! She’s coming running over to me now across all of these lanes of traffic. She must really want to help me. And before I know it, she’s made it across! That’s half the battle, miss. Can you get us back to the other side?

Okay, let me scope out the area. We may be able to cross again if we just wait for the traffic to slow down a bit. I’ve been doing that, but.. frankly I panic every time I need to cross. But now with you here, miss, I can be much braver!

Why are you calling me? It’s not safe to cross just yet! Give me a second to work up the nerve! There’s just so many cars around, aaaaaah! You’re a brave lady for sticking around. I know it’s not safe to be here. Don’t worry! I’m almost ready to cross! Just… need to… keep working up that nerve.

Oh, you’re coming to me, now? That’s a great idea! I’ll stay nice and still so you can get to me faster.

Hey, you made it! And thank goodness you’re strong enough to carry me! I was wondering how we’d make it. I don’t know if you noticed, but I tend to freeze up when I get scared. Now just to wait until it’s safe to cross. I did say I was going to check out the area to see when it was safe!

Aaaaand we’re off! Definitely gonna have to close my eyes for this part – this is beyond scary! I made a huge mistake coming here!

Wow, we did it! That was amazing, miss! I am so glad I had you to help me out. I might’ve been stuck there until nighttime, or even later.

You’re gonna take me home with you! Guess I didn’t make a mistake coming here after all!