Woman Films Emotional Moment Rescue Dog Learns To Love Human Touch

Imagine spending most of your life in a filthy pen, from summer through winter, fall through spring. You have only a rudimentary understanding of humanity since they occasionally toss you a bite of food but most of the time they don’t bother.

Your angels have emerged after years of enduring your torment, and you don’t recognize who they are. You are trapped, loaded into a crate, and sent to a strange location where you are punctured with needles, probed, neutered, and given strange pills that make your stomach upset.

You’re whisked away in a vehicle and taken to your new strange temporary home, where ecstatic people who appear like aliens greet you with love and kindness. Life appears to be getting better, but you have no idea what love or compassion feel like, so you’re terrified and distant.

Scared dog

The next step in your journey begins with the Dogs Deserve Better Good Newz Rehab Center in Smithfield, VA. When their dogs are healed and ready for adoption, they like to show you them. You seldom get a look at what goes on behind the scenes to bring them to this point.

Today, this individual decided to share a unique occasion with one of the newest residents, Bernard. She was informed by staff that her day would be met with significant problems.

hiding dog

On arrival, she discovered Bernard hiding in a corner, whimpering and unwilling to leave the old world for the new one where he would now call home. We opted to take away the lid instead of dragging him out of his cage since he felt secure there.

At the sound of my voice, he immediately leaped out and concealed himself behind another box. She made her way over to him, inch by careful inch.

dog in shelter

After several minutes, he returned to the crate’s bottom. We spent the next 45 minutes here. This individual decided to turn the camera on so that you all could witness the opening phases of his rehabilitation process.

She just wanted to let him know that human touch was not dangerous. She was thrilled and modest when he reached out to my hand at the end. Small steps, one after another.

dog in pen

How To Approach A Scared Dog?

The best way to approach a scared dog is to gradually get closer and offer a food treat. Most dogs will warm up to someone who is gentle, slow, and consistent in their behavior. Some dogs may take longer than others to feel comfortable around people, but with time and patience most dogs can be won over. It’s important not to force yourself on a dog that is clearly uncomfortable, as this can result in further fear or even aggression. always respect the dog’s boundaries and be patient while earning it’s trust.

nervous dog

In the case you have a fearful dog, remember to be patient and go slow so as to not scare it. If you feel confident, try coaxing the dog out from its hiding spot with food or toys. When approaching a scared dog who is tucked away somewhere you can’t see them, speak in a soothing tone and try to sound comforting.