Wild Polar Bear and Dog Play Together in Canada

Everyone always says that bears are so dangerous and that they can’t be good friends. But you know what? I think I found a really nice one! I’ve had a bear buddy for a while now, and she’s the absolute best! She’s soft and cuddly, and is so much fun to play with! And unlike humans, she’s got lots of fur, so she doesn’t get cold after a while and go back inside! I can count on her to play with me from morning until night, even when it’s snowy or windy. What a reliable friend!

I guess my humans are worried I’ll run too far away or that I’ll get too cold, so I always have to wear this leash. Sheesh! Talk about a hassle! I know they want to keep me safe, but I would love to just run around with my friend in the forest! We could make snow puppies and I could even meet her family! Ah, well. Maybe when I’m a bit older.

Another downside is that my humans tend to call me back in when it gets to be too late. I guess I’m still too little to be out after dark, but one day I’ll be big and strong enough to stay out as late as I want. but that’s not today.

Whenever I have to leave, I tell my polar bear friend that it’s time for me to go, and we say our goodbyes. She’s so much bigger than me that I have to look wayyyyy up to tell her! And she’s never happy when I have to go. She always tells me how much she’s going to miss me!

But I know that I’ll see her again soon. She doesn’t live too far, and my humans let me outside every single day. So I know I don’t have to wait too long before I can see her again. I can’t wait!