German Shepherd Puppy Introduced To Newly Hatched Quail Chicks

This German Shepherd puppy named Charon gets to meet these one-day-old quail chicks for the first time.

We, German Shepherds, are proud, intelligent, and dignified animals. At least that’s what we want you to think. German Shepherd dogs (or GSD for short), were originally actual shepherds. We worked in fields where we kept sheep in line and under control, so if you’re wondering if we can handle protecting your children — the answer is yes!

We love training and can use our speed, agility, and stealth for a lot of different purposes. Because of that, we often work with the military or law enforcement. Our work can be very difficult, but it is important. We are super loyal to our human partners. You might think it’s just because they give us treats, but we develop a special relationship with humans that means more than treats! I can’t believe I’m saying that — but it is true!

If you have a GSD, remember that we need a lot of exercise. Since you probably won’t have any sheep to herd, we also like walks and other fun outdoor activities. You can give us toys and if we have a favorite, try hiding it somewhere and let us find it. We love playing fetch but sometimes I get so excited that I forget to give things back.

Sure, we can do all kinds of important work, but we have our fun side too. And you can’t deny that we are incredibly photogenic no matter what we’re doing.

Dressing up isn’t our favorite thing, but if it’s what we need to do to look sharp and get the job done, we can make it happen.

Stop that. We all know you can’t pull off orange!

german sheperds bows


I would try to explain the goggles, but it’s on a strictly need-to-know basis and you don’t have the proper security clearance.

german sheperd orange goggles


Which is my best side? Tongue left, or tongue right? This puppy is cute either way, so I have to look my best.

guard dog and puppy


But I can’t pick just one. They’re all so fluffy and cute. If I give up my bed can we take them all?

dog in grass


So, then I said, “Maybe they’re retractable ears.”

german sheperd outside flowers


I like this one. When she puts me down, can we take her home?


Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. You taste like bacon. Adopt me maybe?

german sheperd with kid


They say I can grow up to be anything, so I’m going to be the cutest, smartest dog ever.

woman holding puppy


If you don’t want my tongue out, stop waving those treats around.

three fluffy german sheperd puppies


It’s going to be okay. There are always more treats in their pockets.

two german sheperds


One point if I can catch it before it hits the ground. Two points if I can break the squeaker in the first five minutes.

happy german sheperd


I don’t have room for the toy and my tongue at the same time!

german sheperd with toy


I told you I could get it myself. You two are just trying to impress the poodle next door.

three working german sheperds


HEY! You said the fish don’t swim this close to the shore!

german sheperd puppy