Dog Gets Baby Doll For Christmas, Absolutely Loves It

Stella is the mom of her pack. She has a sister Ruby, three cats, and some humans to love. She got a baby doll for Christmas and absolutely loves it.

Hello there, Frank the Dachshund here! Dachshunds, or as you may know us, Sausage Dogs, are some of the cutest dogs around.

Who better than to write an article about the cuteness of dogs than me, right? The cuteness of dogs is something that is widely accepted by humans from all walks of life.

However, have you ever thought about why doggos are so cute?

Turns out, there are some pretty cool reasons behind the cuteness of dogs, some of which are scientific!

Other reasons are down to you humans… and then, of course, there’s the fact that sometimes, there are no reasons why we are this cute – we just are!

cute rottweiler

In this article, I am going to be telling you all about the factors that make me and my fellow dog pals so cute.

We will be taking a little look through the history of dogs, looking at some biological and scientific factors, and also examining some of the cutest breeds of dogs, at least according to humans.

So, if you have ever found yourself pondering the reasons why your four-legged furry friend is so adorable, this is the article for you!

Smiling Dogs are so Cute

Are dogs cute on purpose?

The question of the cuteness of dogs is hotly debated. In theory, the cuteness of dogs lies in the hands of humans.

There is a phenomenon coined by none other than the smartest human, Charles Darwin, known as the ‘domestication syndrome’. We dogs know how much you rely on the words of these scientists, so we know that this guy must be pretty important.

Darwin basically theorized that humans breed animals for characteristics that they find visually appealing. Darwin says that this is the reason why domesticated animals (like us dogs) have vastly different features in comparison with wild animals.

These features may include long droopy years, the length of our food-sniffers (noses), and even the color of our fur.

Smiling Dogs are so Cute

Human intervention created animals that look more physically appealing, and so, in theory, it is difficult to blame the cuteness of us dogs on us.

However, there have also been studies that have proven that dogs, and other animals, do purposely tug on the heartstrings of humans by making themselves look a little bit cuter.

There is a theory known as the Baby Schema which states that the features of a baby such as large eyes and small mouths are thought by humans to be irresistibly cute. What’s more, research also suggests that animals can have these features too.

Just think of the saying ‘puppy dog eyes’. That characteristic of a begging puppy with huge adorable eyes. That is a theory that has been supported by lots of research.

In fact, it has even been thought that dogs in shelters purposely make their eyes look wider to help their chances of adoption! Us dogs are sneaky like that!

Smiling Dogs are so Cute

What makes a dog cute?

Generally, it will depend on the human looking at us dogs. Some humans love poodles, but equally, some think they are awful and prefer cute little sausage dogs (like me).

The truth is, it is totally subjective. Sure, there are factors that help, just like the Baby Scheme theory I told you about in the previous section, but ultimately, it is down to the human.

This is why, over the years, the physical characteristics of dogs that are bred can change. Some years ago, tiny micro dogs were seen as ‘cute’, and so these are the types of dogs that were bread.

Some people may think floppy years and long tails are cute, whereas others like short pointy ears and stubby tails.

In my opinion, all dogs are cute.

Smiling Dogs are so Cute

Do dogs know that they are cute?

As a dog, I can safely say that we know a lot of things. However, the concept of cuteness is not something that a dog often thinks about. It is a very human concept, and so dogs do not know that they are cute.

I know what you’re thinking, if they make cute faces on purpose, surely they know they are cute. However, the act of purposely making a ‘cute’ face is not something we do just to be cute, rather, it is something that I and other dogs do for the hope of human attention and food.

We do not know we are cute….but we sure do love being told it. Especially if you say it in a very high-pitched voice whilst simultaneously giving us ear and tummy scratches (bonus points if you follow-up with a treat!).

Smiling Dogs are so Cute

What is the cutest dog ever?

Being a dog myself, I would have to say that I think I am the cutest dog in existence.

However, the powers that be tell me I have to do this properly, and so it pains me to tell you that there are actually official lists in existence that tell us what the cutest dogs are – as voted by humans.

One breed that tends to top the list time and time again is the Golden Retriever. They have long been a favorite of dog lovers all over the world – and all the retrievers I know just so happen to be great guys and gals, too.

In recent years, French bulldogs and pugs have also become increasingly popular, with many humans stating their squished-up faces as their cutest attributes.

Then, of course, there’s me. I’m a dachshund, affectionately known as a sausage dog. Our long bodies and short legs make all the humans who see us go “awwww”.

Other small dogs such as Pomeranians, chihuahuas, King Charles spaniels, and corgis, also make the ‘cute lists’. However, big dogs also feature, such as the Labrador, Husky, and of course, the Springer spaniel.


As I have said before, in my dog-opinion, all of the dogs that I have met have been the cutest I have ever seen, and let’s face it, there is yet to be a dog in the world that a human has not found even a tiny bit cute!

As you will now know, the science behind why dogs are so cute lies within the way they are bred, and the reaction humans have when dogs portray attributes that they find visually appealing (big eyes, long ears, and small mouths).

One thing is for sure, even the least cute dog will still be cuter than a cat….