Who says snow days are just for humans? 11 dogs enjoying a winter wonderland

Yes, yes, yes, I know snow can sometimes be a pain for humans. They’re always going on and on about having to drive in the snow and shovel the driveway. Not to mention the endless complaining about the cold! But to us dogs, we love the fine, fresh, powdery stuff. There is nothing better than a snow day spent with our human family. To celebrate winter in style, and help our human parents realize snow CAN be fun, let’s take a look at my friends playing together in a winter wonderland.

1. “You can have the snowman arm if you can catch me!”

dog running snow

2. “You, sir, seem to be new around these parts. Please, state your business and be on your way.”

dog snowman

3. “Think they’ll buy it? I’m only going to be gone 20 minutes to take a walk…I bet they buy it…they HAVE to buy it!”

puppy snowman

4. “Hehe…something, missing, you say? That’s weird…that strange fellow must have LOST HIS HEAD with all this snow we have!”

dog snowman head

5. “I know this one is an advanced move, but try your best. It’s like a sit, but then you balance extra carefully. There! You’re doing it!”

dog small snowman

6. “The key to a perfect snowman base is even and consistent snow. Start with a small ball of snow, and roll over the snowy ground until it grows larger. Repeat 2 times, with smaller balls, for a complete snowman.”

dog with snowball

7. “Oh hey there, Joe. I’m just gonna borrow a little munch off your orange nose here. Thanks in advance for the treat.”

dog eating carrot

8. “I’m telling you, Gail, those sunglasses are simply to die for. So flattering and trendy! Just where did you find them? I have to get a pair of my own.”

dog with sunglasses

9. “Hey, Mom! I found him, and he followed me home. Can we keep him? I promise to teach him not to wet himself inside!”

dog with snowman

10. “After the unwavering loyalty, love, and enjoyment we have brought to your life, you do THIS to us, created a dog snowman? Where did we go wrong? Please don’t photograph this and show our friends.”

dogs dressed snowman

11. “I present to you my greatest creation yet! A completely edible snowman, inclusive of detachable sticks for endless games of fetch. I shall call him Fred.”

dog with snowman