What Does It Mean When a Dog Licks Your Hand?

You may notice that us dogs love to lick. We lick our paws, our friends, we even like to lick our owners and give them lots and lots of kisses.

If you have a furry friend, just like me, then you may have noticed that we lick your hands a lot. This does not always mean that your hands are tasty, and most of the time it just means that we love you.

But I am here to tell you exactly why we like to do this!

What does it mean when a dog licks your hand?

My owner loves it when I lick their hands and they often kiss me back in return!

When we are cuddling up on the sofa (even though mom says I’m not allowed on the sofa), my owner likes to pat my head, or rub my belly and it feels so good.

It’s so snuggly that sometimes, I want to show my owner just how much I love them. I do this by licking their hands a little, and giving them kisses in return.

In most cases, this is a way that we show our affection to people, and express our excitement.

Why do dogs lick their owners?

Most of the time, dogs licking their owners just means that we really like them, and we are happy to see them.

Sometimes when we feel really comfortable, safe and happy, we like to lick those around us. This reminds us of when our mothers would lick us when we were puppies. It’s a way to make us feel safe, secure and happy.

Another reason we might lick your hands is if you have just recently eaten something delicious, that we would like to have a taste of. This also reminds us of our mothers, who would always bring us food, and snacks. So, licking them would be a sign that we want something to nibble on too.

So if you have a tasty snack in your hands, and you notice me trying to lick them, that’s just me being very very subtle, and asking for a little taste of it. Please. Just a little bite. You won’t notice it.

Personally, I love licking my owner, their hands taste nice and remind me of them. We like to do this as they have their own unique tastes and smells, and it makes my sniffer go crazy! Also, when I lick my owners, they always laugh, and give me belly rubs.

Licking is a way of communication for us. Our mothers lick us from when we are born, and it’s how she keeps us clean, and breathing from the start.

Another reason we, as dogs lick to show how we feel. Licking is another way that we submit to our owners. When I lick, it means I mean no harm, and I am being friendly, and trying to maintain our perfect relationship.

I also love to give kisses, because it comforts me and it comforts my human! What’s even better is that they taste delicious, and I like how salty their skin is!

Are dog licks really kisses?

You’ll be happy to know that we love you as much as you love us! You love giving us lots of kisses, cuddles and belly rubs, and we love to get them.

When we lick your hands, that is our way of showing that we love you, and want to kiss you back! Just like when my butt wiggles whenever I see you, my kisses are a sign of how happy I am to see you!

When we give kisses, it releases calming and comforting feelings and endorphins that makes us feel happy, secure and content. Whilst you may enjoy our kisses, sometimes you may want to be careful and watch in case we kiss you a little too much.

If your dog is licking you lots and lots, and more than usual, then it may be because of another reason. Even though our kisses are kind, and a sign of love, sometimes it is because there is something wrong with us, and we are trying to tell you.

Why is my dog licking my hands constantly?

Sometimes, just like our humans, we can feel stressed or anxious, and we just don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Licking your hands is a great way to relieve agitation or make us feel less stressed, as we know that you like it when we do this.

If we lick your hands constantly, then it may be a sign that we are trying to calm ourselves down, and focus on something else to keep us busy! Look for other signs to show that we may be feeling anxious like lifting our ears up, tilting our heads, or anxious body language.

Most of the time, licking is a sign to show that we are submissive to you, but sometimes it can be a problem. When we start to lick incessantly, and it becomes more of an obsessive lick, this may be a sign that we are trying to tell you something.

I love my human lots and lots, and I would do anything for them. If my human looks sad, or looks like they need a hug, sometimes I will lick them to make sure that they know I am here, and that I love them more than anything. Even more than I love my ball. And big sticks.


If you have ever wondered why your furry friend keeps licking your hands, then you don’t have to worry about it.

We love our owners so so much that we want to show them our affection, and how much we care about them.

By licking your hands, we’re just giving you lots of kisses, just like you love to kiss us! Kissing reminds us of our birth mother, and how she would lick us and help us survive in the wild.

The only time you need to worry is if we are licking too much, and non stop, as this can be a sign that we are feeling anxious or nervous, and we need some love and attention.