Watch This Dog Go Totally Banana-Splits For Ice Cream!

Oh my goodness, today is the day! The ice cream hooman is finally here!

He drives this big box around, and the noise hurts my ears a little bit but I’m okay with that. I’ll let anything slide for a good ice cream snack-o!

I’ve got to make sure I get out there before he drives off though, and I need my mom to grab hooman money to buy a treat!

I checked the window and yup, he is here! Right out front! Oh my gosh, today is the best day ever! Ice cream day!

There it is in all its glory! That ice cream truck has probably seen a lot of things. Last week, he had a trail of kids chasing behind him on their bicycles.

I wonder what kind of ice cream he will have for me? There are certain kinds of ice cream that I can’t have, like chocolate.

I ate it one time and I got so sick that I had to go to the vet. They gave me a bunch of water through a needle and I had to stay there overnight so the vet could keep an eye on me. It’s definitely something I avoid now!

Aha! Finally I caught up to him. I brought him my special bowl to fill up with ice creamy goodness. I hope he knows that I can’t have chocolate!

Just gonna sit here and wait like a good boi, doin me a patient trick. I need that ice cream! I’ve been waiting all summer! Okay, it’s been a week but still… it feels like furever!

Finally! He put so much ice cream in here, time to get my brain freeze on! I guess my mom has talked to him before and told him what I can and can’t have, and how much of it I can have as well.

I’m a little disappointed because I want to be able to eat all the ice cream in this box, but I also don’t want to end up at the vet again.

I should probably hop out of the way because I saw a bunch of kids riding down the street to get in line. I hope they will all be patient because I’m sure this hooman is a very busy man!

Overall, it’s been a good day meeting the King of Ice Cream. I can’t wait for him to come back!