Vocal Great Danes Throw A Fit About Sharing A Sandwich

There are a lot of perks when it comes to living with humans! For starters, they play with me a lot, which means I’m always having fun and doing my exercise! Plus they take me out on walks throughout the whole neighborhood so I can get some sun, and they even bought a nice and comfy bed for me to sleep in!

But sometimes, they could afford to give some… more interesting dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I love kibble and the occasional dog-friendly sweets from the pet shop, but it would be nice to have some variety!

So sometimes, when the food is just not terribly interesting, I have to take matters into my own paws.

My humans have such a huge variety of food. They have meats, fishes, sandwiches, soft food, crunchy food, sweet food, salty food… can you blame me for wanting a taste every once in a while?

Sandwich Or No Sandwich?

Sandwiches have to be my absolute favorite. They combine all sorts of different flavors into this easy-to-eat package! The best part is that it’s different every time, depending on who makes it, what’s inside, and if it’s hot or cold.

I can see why my humans don’t like to share them all the time!

The Human Doesn’t Want to Share

This would be much easier if I could make my own sandwiches. Imagine if I could just open the fridge, grab what I wanted to eat, pick out the bread, and make my own food. I’d get to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but I could also save my humans the trouble of getting me food! Win-win!

I bet I could make doggie food-human food hybrid sandwiches too! Bacon treat and cheese! Or kibble and salami! The possibilities would be endless.

I’ll have to suggest a doggie door to the fridge. But how to go about that…

I Love You So Give Me A Bite of the Sandwich

In the meantime, all I can do is take bites from my humans’ food. Usually if I give them the ol’ puppy dog eyes enough, they hand a bit over. Works every time. My absolute favorite is when they share their bologna and veggie sandwiches! Those are absolutely fantastic.

The Human Finally Shares the Sandwich

Whenever I finally do get a bite, I have to remember to not be greedy. My humans need their energy just like I do, so I try not to take too much of their food away. But let me tell you – it’s hard to resist that urge! It would be so easy to snatch the whole sandwich out of their hands and run away.

Maybe my humans will notice my love of sandwiches and start making two every day? It would sure save us a lot of back-and-forth!

For now, though, it’s bumming little nibbles of sandwiches from the humans. One day I’ll have a sandwich of my own!